How much should I charge? How much do I need to charge?

How much should I charge?  How much do I need to charge to survive?

Whether you want to admit it publicly or not, most wedding professional continuously ask these types of questions in their head. 

I’m a numbers geek, but rather than build a spreadsheet and share it with everyone I found an awesome online calculator at the National Press Photographers Association website.

I highly encourage everyone to go check it out!

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Raise Your Prices!!!!

Raise Your Prices

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Weddings Year-Round


It’s funny most people think of the wedding industry as a seasonal industry.  However, according to the XO Group, Inc.  the data says otherwise.

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Some numbers to start out with…

This is my first post – so be easy on me! 

As the numbers guy at Ciderr I’m fascinated with statistics.  Below are some National Average numbers for weddings.  At Ciderr, our goal for ALL of our vendors is to be ABOVE-AVERAGE! 

Wedding vendors should use the numbers below as a benchmark and use Ciderr to help increase their prices! 

Wedding Costs

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