A Great Product and A Great Experience

Truthfully, Mother’s Day is usually one of those holidays I think about around 2 days before the actual day.

This year, I was determined to get my wife and my mom something more thoughtful.  Initially, I was surprised that so many printers have their deadline two weeks before Mother’s Day.  On the Sunday night before, I started working with several companies that specialize in printing Instagram pictures.  At first, I had a HORRIFIC experience.  With Printstagram, the program that uses Instagram’s API kept crashing.  I found out later this was not an isolated incident, as it had happened to several of my friends.  After three hours of this I remembered I had read about a company in Techcrunch that specializes in Instagram pictures, Kanvess.  By way of reference, I have sent my mom Instagram pictures using everything from Walgreens to Postagram and the quality has always been significantly lacking.

I was initially disappointed that they only printed them, and they had no other products.  However, the company had great reviews and the website was amazingly simplistic. The process of connecting my Instagram account to ordering took approximately 10 minutes.  I cannot say enough about how simple and clean their ordering process was.


The best part was getting the pictures in the mail.  I had very high expectations because of all the reviews, but the quality of the pictures surpassed even my raised expectations.


In summary, I can’t decide whether the best part was the customer service, the product, or the check-out process.  I can tell you that I recommend this company to everyone I know for printing their Instagram pictures.

In the words of my mom: “Jimmy, these little pictures you sent me were really high quality!”

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