Ciderr is now mobile compatible!

Today Ciderr launched a pretty big and exciting update!

It’s crucial in todays society that websites are mobile compatible. EVERYONE has a smart phone and EVERYONE is on it ALL the time. So the chances of friends and family of your client going to your registry on their smartphone is very high.

That’s why we made it a priority to make the registries mobile phone compatible! Now no matter what device one uses, they’ll be able to contribute much easier to your registry. When something is easier, more people will do it!

Win for everyone!


The areas on Ciderr that are now mobile compatible are:

  • Registry page
  • Checkout page
  • Registry share page
  • Create registry page
  • Edit registry page
  • Brand preview page

Another update you might notice is that there’s no more dropdown to choose how much one contributes. On one hand, it slowed down the loading of the page but most importantly, studies show that people contribute more when they aren’t presented a figure but have to come up with the figure on their own.  So again, this change will increase the amount given and make our member more money per registry!

As you can see, it still restrains the giver to your MCP (Minimum Contribution Price)!


Let us know in the comments what you think of the changes!

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Why We Built Ciderr. (Hint: It’s Not About The Money)

This post is inspired by Simon Simek.  Simon is a speaker who talks about the “why.”

He analyses famous leaders like Martin Luther King Jr, Steve Jobs, and the like.  What he found was they focused on the “why”.


So WHY did we build Ciderr?


Yes, in the short-run I would be lying if I didn’t say it was because we wanted a registry for our photography business.

We were increasing our prices, building a premium photography brand, and at the same time getting bombarded with emails every week with people who LOVED our photography but couldn’t afford it.


We were wanting to continue to build a premium brand but it got exponentially harder the more we increased our prices.  Let’s also be realistic: We had bills to pay.

Gift cards seemed cheap, out-dated, and above-all a logistical nightmare (keeping track of lost cards, dealing with the mail, all leading to more email which is not what the goal was).


So why did we want to build a premium photography business?

Because we wanted to offer a premium product.  To do that we wanted and needed to shoot less, but make more.  A registry accomplishes this.


So why did I say “It’s Not About The Money” in the title of this post?

Because ultimately, the reason we wanted to shoot less and make more was because we wanted to spend more time with our family.  More quality time with our friends.  Less time (and money) spent marketing trying to get clients.


If any of this sounds like you, I suggest you give ciderr a try.  For the month of March we our giving all new members our Marketing Toolkit (which we sell for $97.00) for free.





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