The $30,000 question: Why we are all hypocrites about the cost of a wedding?

Jimmy here. I wanted to give all of our readers 3 quick tips on how to have the wedding that you want  without having to go into the poor house!

Have you ever talked with your friends and family members about what’s appropriate to spend on a wedding?  Wedding costs are one of the most debated topics of all-time.  Everywhere you turn, you’ll find a new opinion. What is reasonable for some, is completely ridiculous to others.

Some brides want a DIY wedding to save money with everything.

Other brides have an open checkbook (or credit cards) and nothing is off-limits.  According to the average wedding in America costs $29,858.  The average age to get married is 31 for the groom and 29 for the bride.   For perspective, the median income in the entire United States is $43,317.  That’s right, basically after-taxes somebody work an entire year to pay for the cost of a single-day!

Here’s the thing with wedding costs.  I don’t care what anyone says: NOBODY WANTS TO SACRIFICE QUALITY ON THEIR WEDDING DAY!

I’m naturally a “budget” person.  However, nobody wants to look back on their wedding day and regret not having a DJ and instead having a karaoke machine (yes, that was my wedding!)

I got married young (like REALLY YOUNG) and even had the benefit of Bud Light banners on the walls.  I digress.

Below are some things you can do to have the wedding of your dreams without sacrificing quality:


I’m sure all brides and grooms are going to choose this option.  However, in reality this is the hardest to implement.  Are you going to have a $30,000 wedding?  Assuming your parents are throwing in $15,000 that leaves an obvious $15,000 to budget for.

Assuming a 12-month engagement are you realistically going to save $1,250 a month while probably moving and partying with your wedding party and fiancé? No, you probably won’t save your way there.

So let’s look at another option…

A Wedding Registry

A Gift Registry – this is the most underutilized tool brides and grooms have.  Even though you are ultimately responsible for your own wedding day, for some reason brides and grooms still register for multiple blenders.  Increasingly however, brides and grooms are getting a cash registry or registering with their wedding professionals.

According to the average couple spends $167 for a wedding gift.  This can go a long way towards the wedding of your dreams.


Historically, the bride’s parents paid for 100% of the wedding cost while the grooms family paid for the rehearsal dinner and the honeymoon. However, this is rapidly changing.  With second marriages and less money all around in this economy it’s tough for any parent to stroke a check for $30,000.

However, you can leverage your registry so more family members can contribute this way.  Everybody has a rich Uncle right?



So what can you do now?  You can start planning.  No matter who you are reading this article you should think about all of your major purchase decisions over the next 5 years.  How are you going to afford them?

What goals do you have to hit to achieve those items?  Whatever you do, don’t go into debt for these items.  All of this does is increase instant satisfaction while also decreasing your net worth and income.

So what if you’re a wedding professional and want to implement a registry to make more per wedding and help build your business?  I’m sure you have questions how to do this.  Go check out for more information and when you’re ready, sign up here:


p.s. For the month of April anybody who signs-up for an annual plan will get a $50 Amazon gift card.

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Make More Money in 2014, Shoot Less

You know what your business is missing? Crowdfunding. It’s not just the “next big thing”… it’s already here. And your competition isn’t utilizing it.  And no one does it better than Ciderr.  It gives you the power to allow your clients family and friends to help pay for all the things they REALLY want from your business!

Our members are making a HUGE ROI with their Ciderr membership.  One of our members earned an extra $20,000 last year using Ciderr.  All just with up-selling.  And their inquiries started going up because as everyone was spreading the word about their registries, their brand recognition was spreading as well!

It’s time you joined and increased your profit for the next year as well!

This sale ends in 5 days… so take advantage of this sale NOW!

Use code “CYBER” to get 4 months FREE when choosing an annual plan!
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Feedback from Ciderr Members

Recently we asked our members for feedback on how they are using Ciderr.

This is just some of their responses (completely unedited, so forgive any typos or grammar errors):

Ben Chernivsky Chernivsky Weddings
Been really enjoying my experience with Ciderr during my first season using it.  I was introduced to it at the end of 2012 but didn’t take it too seriously.  This Spring I figured at $10 a month, why not at least sign up for it and play around with the possibility for 2014 bookings.  It took  while for me to really understand it and incorporate it into my workflow, but now it is a natural part of my sales meetings with new clients.  They know they have the option, especially if they cannot afford my larger packages, to take charge with a photography registry.  Some are not interested at all, but with others you can literally feel the relief and excitement in the room when I offer it.  I plan on focusing more on print products over the next year, so I know Ciderr will become a necessity for people who will only be able to afford my base photography prices, but who will want to invest in products that showcase their wedding after their celebration.  Long and short, Ciderr, combined with a larger vision of what you offer clients, can be an incredible way to teach clients the true value of photography from the first meeting.
Bridgette Marie Balmes Bridgette Marie Photography
I am new to using the registry but it has been a great resource to offer my brides who can not quite afford my services. There are a lot of couples that register at department stores because they “should.” The photography registry allows them to ask friends and family to make their gift something they can use that is directly related to the wedding. It is easy for them buy to a gift that the couple will have long past the life of say, a toaster. The couples that are established in their years together find it the biggest resource.
Elizabeth Cryan Elizabeth Cryan Photography
I recently started using Ciderr and couldn’t rave about it more!  It’s an incentive that I provide my clients that is super easy to setup for my clients, allows them to receive unbelievably meaningful gifts, and boosts my sales after the fact.  I highly recommend Ciderr!

Shea Wright By Shea
i’ve only had one couple use it so far, so i think i might need some tips on getting the word out… i let each couple know when i first meet them and in the first several emails that i offer a registry… i tell them how i recently got married and wish my vendors had offered something like this… that gifts towards photography and videography last way longer than the typical sheets and spatulas you might get from guests and wont end up going to goodwill one day. :) hehe.

i think the couples that seem most interested are ones that are paying for their wedding or at least photography themselves, and are usually a little older, late 20s, early 30s etc that already have the typical gifts you get to set up house…

Not a Ciderr member yet? Get a membership here:

Remember, in the month of August we are giving out a $50 wine gift card for EVERY registry created!

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Best Practices with Implementing a Registry – 5 Examples

At Ciderr, we are constantly amazed and impressed by how our members use a registry to grow their business.  Gift registries using Ciderr have seen an exponential growth in contributions lately, so there’s no better time to get in on that action. Recently, we dove deep into the data to see what was driving the most results (results – as in revenue for your business).

Below are the top 5 best practices when implementing our gift registry software.

Importantly, most clients actually use Ciderr as an upselling tool to clients who have already booked with them.  The Ciderr member creates a registry for their customer, and they get extra products and services for free via the power of crowd-funding from friends and family.


1. Create a Dedicated “Registries” Page on Your Site

This picture shows a physical example of what this is. Check out their brief explanation as well as some more registry pages below from our members (social proof).



2. Get the couple to list their registry on their wedding site

This is kind of a no-brainer, but the more the registry is put in front of friends and family, the greater the chance of people actually knowing about it. :)

registry listing


 3.  Email the announcement to previous customers as well as current customers already booked.

Your customers won’t know about your newfound registry system unless you tell them, eh? One member attests, “We have seen a remarkable increase in post-booking revenue utilizing the registry.” What? You’re not good with words? No worries. We even have some email templates to help get you started.


registry listing 2


5. Use “Registered With” Cards – so your customers help do your marketing for you.

We put a little blood, sweat, and tears (ok, maybe just some hard design work) into creating some custom registry card templates for our members. Just look for the “Marketing Toolkit” on the dashboard once you login. How rad would it be to throw a few dollars in and have these printed for your client to give to them as a gift to send with their wedding invitations? Talk about some client love (and more contributions to your business)!

registry cards 3


In summary, there are a ton of ways you can use our gift registry software to grow your business.  Did we leave something off?  If you are using Ciderr in another way to add revenue to your business, shoot us an email or lay it down in the comments! We love hearing from our members!


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A Great Product and A Great Experience

Truthfully, Mother’s Day is usually one of those holidays I think about around 2 days before the actual day.

This year, I was determined to get my wife and my mom something more thoughtful.  Initially, I was surprised that so many printers have their deadline two weeks before Mother’s Day.  On the Sunday night before, I started working with several companies that specialize in printing Instagram pictures.  At first, I had a HORRIFIC experience.  With Printstagram, the program that uses Instagram’s API kept crashing.  I found out later this was not an isolated incident, as it had happened to several of my friends.  After three hours of this I remembered I had read about a company in Techcrunch that specializes in Instagram pictures, Kanvess.  By way of reference, I have sent my mom Instagram pictures using everything from Walgreens to Postagram and the quality has always been significantly lacking.

I was initially disappointed that they only printed them, and they had no other products.  However, the company had great reviews and the website was amazingly simplistic. The process of connecting my Instagram account to ordering took approximately 10 minutes.  I cannot say enough about how simple and clean their ordering process was.


The best part was getting the pictures in the mail.  I had very high expectations because of all the reviews, but the quality of the pictures surpassed even my raised expectations.


In summary, I can’t decide whether the best part was the customer service, the product, or the check-out process.  I can tell you that I recommend this company to everyone I know for printing their Instagram pictures.

In the words of my mom: “Jimmy, these little pictures you sent me were really high quality!”

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