Why We Built Ciderr. (Hint: It’s Not About The Money)

This post is inspired by Simon Simek.  Simon is a speaker who talks about the “why.”

He analyses famous leaders like Martin Luther King Jr, Steve Jobs, and the like.  What he found was they focused on the “why”.


So WHY did we build Ciderr?


Yes, in the short-run I would be lying if I didn’t say it was because we wanted a registry for our photography business.

We were increasing our prices, building a premium photography brand, and at the same time getting bombarded with emails every week with people who LOVED our photography but couldn’t afford it.


We were wanting to continue to build a premium brand but it got exponentially harder the more we increased our prices.  Let’s also be realistic: We had bills to pay.

Gift cards seemed cheap, out-dated, and above-all a logistical nightmare (keeping track of lost cards, dealing with the mail, all leading to more email which is not what the goal was).


So why did we want to build a premium photography business?

Because we wanted to offer a premium product.  To do that we wanted and needed to shoot less, but make more.  A registry accomplishes this.


So why did I say “It’s Not About The Money” in the title of this post?

Because ultimately, the reason we wanted to shoot less and make more was because we wanted to spend more time with our family.  More quality time with our friends.  Less time (and money) spent marketing trying to get clients.


If any of this sounds like you, I suggest you give ciderr a try.  For the month of March we our giving all new members our Marketing Toolkit (which we sell for $97.00) for free.





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Feedback from Ciderr Members

Recently we asked our members for feedback on how they are using Ciderr.

This is just some of their responses (completely unedited, so forgive any typos or grammar errors):

Ben Chernivsky Chernivsky Weddings
Been really enjoying my experience with Ciderr during my first season using it.  I was introduced to it at the end of 2012 but didn’t take it too seriously.  This Spring I figured at $10 a month, why not at least sign up for it and play around with the possibility for 2014 bookings.  It took  while for me to really understand it and incorporate it into my workflow, but now it is a natural part of my sales meetings with new clients.  They know they have the option, especially if they cannot afford my larger packages, to take charge with a photography registry.  Some are not interested at all, but with others you can literally feel the relief and excitement in the room when I offer it.  I plan on focusing more on print products over the next year, so I know Ciderr will become a necessity for people who will only be able to afford my base photography prices, but who will want to invest in products that showcase their wedding after their celebration.  Long and short, Ciderr, combined with a larger vision of what you offer clients, can be an incredible way to teach clients the true value of photography from the first meeting.
Bridgette Marie Balmes Bridgette Marie Photography
I am new to using the registry but it has been a great resource to offer my brides who can not quite afford my services. There are a lot of couples that register at department stores because they “should.” The photography registry allows them to ask friends and family to make their gift something they can use that is directly related to the wedding. It is easy for them buy to a gift that the couple will have long past the life of say, a toaster. The couples that are established in their years together find it the biggest resource.
Elizabeth Cryan Elizabeth Cryan Photography
I recently started using Ciderr and couldn’t rave about it more!  It’s an incentive that I provide my clients that is super easy to setup for my clients, allows them to receive unbelievably meaningful gifts, and boosts my sales after the fact.  I highly recommend Ciderr!

Shea Wright By Shea
i’ve only had one couple use it so far, so i think i might need some tips on getting the word out… i let each couple know when i first meet them and in the first several emails that i offer a registry… i tell them how i recently got married and wish my vendors had offered something like this… that gifts towards photography and videography last way longer than the typical sheets and spatulas you might get from guests and wont end up going to goodwill one day. :) hehe.

i think the couples that seem most interested are ones that are paying for their wedding or at least photography themselves, and are usually a little older, late 20s, early 30s etc that already have the typical gifts you get to set up house…

Not a Ciderr member yet? Get a membership here: https://ciderr.com/pricing

Remember, in the month of August we are giving out a $50 wine gift card for EVERY registry created!

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An Interview with Zach Prez

This week we interviewed Zach Prez from Photography Web Marketing.  Zach gave our members some incredible advice regarding Search Engine Optimization for Photographers and he shared the common mistakes most photographers make with marketing their business.  Below is a link to Zach’s incredible site where he shares a ton of great information.

Photography Web Marketing Guide

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Guest Post: Content Marketing & Remarketing for Photographers

We have our very first guest post from Scott Wyden Kivowitz.  Scott is extremely passionate about photography and helping photographers become successful.  Without further ado:

The business of photography has evolved over the years, and websites are becoming one of the effective means to market to potential clients. Having the right WordPress portfolio theme is only one step of an overall photographer’s marketing scheme.

Once your website is designed, portfolio is complete and blog is filled with educational content, it is time to start marketing your brand. An awesome way to go about it is by using content marketing and then remarketing.  Here is what to do.

Step 1:  Gather Your Articles
Take your best content, and most educational to potential clients.  Compile them into an eBook using Word, Pages, Keynote or whatever document publishing software you prefer.  Use your photographs (of course) to enhance the eBook.

Step 2: Gather Your Leads
Use Mailchimp to gather email addresses in exchange for a free eBook (the one you just created).  Use the Mailchimp autorespond feature to distribute the eBook to the new leads.

Step 3: Content Marketing Complete
Guess what, you have just completed your first round of content marketing.  Next is to remarket your brand to the new leads.

Step 4: Monthly Touch
Once a month, send an email to every lead that you have captured.  Make sure you send additional tips and educational content.  You can even send “coupons” for those who have downloaded the eBook. Be creative but not too promotional.  The goal of remarketing is so the prospective client remembers your brand.

Step 5: Remarketing Continues
Don’t end the touches after a few months.  Keep them going as your list organically grows.  Remarketing takes time, but when a lead converts to a customer it is well worth it in the end.

In Conclusion
As you have read in this article, content marketing and remarketing is not difficult for photographers.  In addition, it is no expensive as Mailchimp has a fantastic freemium program.  One thing to keep in mind while setting up the process is SEO for photographers, because without having your site at the top of search engines, it will be more difficult to find.  There is a free (and educational) SEO for photographers eClass available, for those interested in learning more about reaching for the first position.

Thanks for reading,


Scott Wyden Kivowitz is a New Jersey Photographer sharing his passion for photography any way he can. Scott regularly hosts photowalks in New Jersey and loves educating other photographers on all aspects of the art. Scott is also the Community & Blog Wrangler at Photocrati  and the Photographers SEO Community, teaching other photographers on how to increase business with their website.

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Turning Costs into Profits

EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT YOUTUBE by Jasmine Star on Turning Costs into Profit Centers – this is EXACTLY how we view Ciderr – IT MAKES YOU MORE MONEY!  It’s an investment with a VERY HIGH RETURN! 

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The Benefits of Membership

American Express is Fascinating

Think about it:

they have limited places where you can use their card

they charge merchangs a BIG premium for using American Express

merchant sales people (the people who sell the little boxes that you swipe your card through) generally can’t stand them


American Express is viewed as a significantly more succesfull company because their cardholders have higher incomes and they have a higher retention rate.  Even Warren Buffett invested in them. 

Why is this?

The benefits of Membership – they are focused

American Express- providing extreme value to their cardholders

Costco – providing high quality goods and services at a significant discount

Dollar Shave Club – proving low-cost, high quality razors to their members monthly

All of these insitutions are focused exclusively on their members. 

Ciderr is exclusively focused on its members – wedding vendors!  We help wedding vendors create registry’s with their products and services.  This helps wedding vendors increase options they provide to their clients, and increase their profit.

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