Guest Post: Defining Your Client

by: Angela Proffitt

I recently spoke at the ISS (Inspire Smart Success) conference in Cancun Mexico and had the opportunity to meet some incredibility talented planners and other event professionals.  We all share the same goal-to make couples happy and provide them with a positive experience.  We are all so busy wrapped up in taking care of others, that we don’t stop and take care of ourselves and our business, which for most of us, is our baby (if you own your own business)!

Defining a clear process and clarifying what type of client you work best with were two of the things identified that are a common challenge for new wedding and event professionals.  I shared my favorite apps and time management techniques and programs on my MAC that I can’t live without:)  It is shocking to me how many of us have iPhones and Apple gadgets, but don’t know how to use them, simple because we don’t have time.  I promise you, if you take the time to learn these products, it will save you time in the long run.  Being the tech geek I am, I had so much fun helping everyone.  Dropbox and Google Drive were the two apps that have changed my business (well and Pinterest!).

Reviewing various personalities with the group and talking through their “ideal” client, further helped the participants define who they are, what they are selling and who should they be selling to.

These are just a few things to ask yourself as we enter a New Year, 2013.  Does your marketing portray this message; and are you attracting the perfect match!?

As a leading respected professional in the market, Angela Young Proffitt has been planning and producing weddings and events for many years, nationally and internationally. She is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Ecology. Knowing she always wanted to help people, her projected path to pursuing psychology working in mental health was no longer her passion. Following in the footsteps of her uncle, who spent over thirty-five years in the wedding industry, Angela has since established herself as one of the most dedicated, well rounded, most proficient multi-tasking experts in the industry. Drawing from her psychology background, Angela has experience in working with a variety of personalities, to which her common motive is always focused on what is best for her clients. She works with elite wedding specialists to create, design, implement, and execute every fine tuned detail in order to paint the unique vision each client desires. Her hands-on organizational approach combined with her impeccable ability to build relationships has propelled her above and beyond the average professional. Realizing her skills and talents are best utilized in logistics and communication, Angela’s company, Elegant Weddings by Angela and Events by AP, offers a full service wedding and event planning team that is experienced, detail oriented and exceptionally organized. Her unique and incomparable approach extends beyond the highest level of creativity and she prides herself on managing each innovative personal detail to allow you to enjoy your engagement while adhering to privacy requests. Known for her calm demeanor and flexible nature, she specializes in travel and destination weddings allowing her to utilize her strengths in creating a “one of a kind” experience in lands far away. Her travel resume has carried her to breathtaking places. Just to name a few, she has traveled to St. Lucia, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Antigua, Cabo San Lucas, Playa Mujeres, Playa Del Carmen, all the way to New York city, the coast of Florida and to the foothills of North Carolina. So whether it’s a destination wedding on a tropical island or a Derby themed wedding at the Country Music Hall of Fame, Angela’s sense of personalized vision and educational guidance creates incomparable events for any occasion. Angela’s highly touted work can be seen in such global publications as Art of Celebrations, Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style Magazine, Elegant Bride, People Magazine, Us Weekly, Enchanted Brides, In Focus, Style Me Pretty, and Country Weekly, just to name a few. Alongside acknowledgements in world-class magazines, Angela has also served on the board of TWESA, and has won such accolades as Best Wedding Planner in Nashville, along with voted Best Investment, Personality, Coordination, and Can’t Live Without.

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