Technology That Changed Lives (And The Thought Of Living Without Them Now)

Scott Wyden Kivowitz of Photocrati Media was gracious enough to write a fantastic blog post about technology and how it has benefited society,

Scott is a friend, fellow photographer and advocate of ciderr.  Note, to get a free month of ciderr’s cheapest plan use code: photocrati

Enter Scott:


There are many technological advances that I could not imagine living with out now. In the article I’m going to talk about a few of them.

While I go through each one I want you to really think about if you could live without the specific device or software now. Could you imagine spending days on end without it…

Smart Phones

These devices do so much for us, in addition to making a phone call (they still do that?). They act as a quick note pad that you type on or speak to. They remind us when tasks should be completed and wake us up in the morning with what could sometimes be rather disturbing tones. They navigate us to the restaurant and tell us if we should wear our jackets or bring a scarf.

My smart phone tells me when I’ve been working too much and need a break and some stretching. It tells me how many calories I’ve burned during the after-dinner walk with my wife.

My smart phone is a device I would not want to live without. Could I manage? Sure! Do I want to? Nope.


This one might be debatable but I’m bringing it up anyway because for many business people and teachers a tablet has become a true life changing device.

There was a time (and I guess some still do this) where people would hand write their notes during meetings. Now with fancy Wacom stylus’ and apps like Penultimate, Evernote, Notes and so many others, there is no reason to waste paper and ink to take notes. Heck, purchase a dictation app and let it take notes for you.

Teachers are using tablets on a daily basis. I’ve seen music teachers use it for music sheets and special needs teachers use it for helping children with autism learn new skills.

Could each of these people go with out? Sure, but why when the technology is improving the way we work and live.

I use my tablet on a daily basis to read, check email, clear my head with a video game or to catch up on funny YouTube videos. Could I live without it? Sure, I could pick up a paper book, and use my computer for the rest. But I enjoy the simplicity. I enjoy taking notes and drawing on my iPad.


I enjoy Facebook even through their terms of service changes every time the moon shows itself. The only reason I like Facebook and wouldn’t ever want to delete my account is simple. My family and friends are there. People I do not see often are there. It’s the most efficient way for me to stay on top of what is happening in everyone’s lives without making phones calls every day. I’d be on the phone for hours instead of a few quick views of my Facebook stream.

Could businesses live without Facebook? Possibly, but half of the world is in Facebook, so should they? Probably not.


I use Skype for business and for personal things. I am in text chat sessions with my Photocrati co-workers throughout each day. Once a week we meet for an all-hands meeting through Skype’s voice call. Could we live without Skype? Sure we’d have to find a different solution. Should we live without Skype? No, it works for our needs.

Could other businesses live without Skype? Of course! Many have moved on to Google Plus because of their Hangout feature. Heck even Photocrati uses Hangouts for webinars and podcasts.

I use Skype for personal things like chatting with friends and family around the world. Imagine traveling for business or pleasure and wanting to see your children. Before Skype there was really no inexpensive way to do it. Not you can see your children for free. Why would you ever want to give that up?

Google Plus

Still kind of a newcomer in the social media world, Google Plus has a huge community of photographers and many of my friends are there. It’s a great place to be inspired, learn something new and of course Hangout through a video chat.

Like Skype, it is free and another way to communicate with those you have to or want to. The only way I would give Google Plus up is if they shut the service down like they do so many other products.


Last, but definitely not least, is WordPress. Also a business and pleasure thing, WordPress has made the lives of so many people easier. Before it blogging wasn’t fun and there was no community to inspire and encourage blogging. Now it all exists, and someone can think of and launch a new WordPress website in minutes. (ok 5 minutes but who is counting)

Photocrati is a WordPress based company as we make a theme and plugins for photographers using the content management system. Could we survive without it? Sure, but we’d have to find a new platform to design our software for.

What about companies like Starbucks who use WordPress for their internal company websites? Or places like a YMCA who are using WordPress to drive their member checkins using an application built off on WordPress. (Matt talked about this during his 2013 State of the Word)

Could businesses do without WordPress? Sure, but it makes their lives easier so why should they?

There are also many families that blog using WordPress, so other family members can read what’s been going on and to see pictures they post. There are people who just keep an online journal of their lives, using WordPress. Could they do without? Totally… but why?

In Closing

These technologies are not all new, but so many of them have changes the world forever. I know I wouldn’t want to live without them.

I’d love to hear what technology you also wouldn’t want to live without. Please comment and let me know.

Thanks for reading,


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