A pint of Ciderr #1

Do you know why large companies from Target to Tiffany absolutely love wedding registries? They love registries for the same reason why Nike loves that you wear shirts with their logo on them.  It’s because it’s free advertising and marketing for their business.  And that’s the best kind of marketing! When someone markets FOR you!  They literally turn the bride into a walking billboard for their business. They don’t pay the bride a dime and she turns around and tells EVERYONE about their store and asks them to shop there on her behalf!

What gives a your business more “clout”? You telling everyone how amazing you are… or a customer going around telling everyone how amazing you are…advertising for you?

That’s what we built Ciderr to do. It gives small business owners the power that large companies have had for YEARS.  The power to turn the bride and her friends and family into your marketing agents! The power for people to see and interact with your business to a degree that’s impossible right now!

Ciderr is the smartest marketing dollars that you can spend!

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