Guest Post: Content Marketing & Remarketing for Photographers

We have our very first guest post from Scott Wyden Kivowitz.  Scott is extremely passionate about photography and helping photographers become successful.  Without further ado:

The business of photography has evolved over the years, and websites are becoming one of the effective means to market to potential clients. Having the right WordPress portfolio theme is only one step of an overall photographer’s marketing scheme.

Once your website is designed, portfolio is complete and blog is filled with educational content, it is time to start marketing your brand. An awesome way to go about it is by using content marketing and then remarketing.  Here is what to do.

Step 1:  Gather Your Articles
Take your best content, and most educational to potential clients.  Compile them into an eBook using Word, Pages, Keynote or whatever document publishing software you prefer.  Use your photographs (of course) to enhance the eBook.

Step 2: Gather Your Leads
Use Mailchimp to gather email addresses in exchange for a free eBook (the one you just created).  Use the Mailchimp autorespond feature to distribute the eBook to the new leads.

Step 3: Content Marketing Complete
Guess what, you have just completed your first round of content marketing.  Next is to remarket your brand to the new leads.

Step 4: Monthly Touch
Once a month, send an email to every lead that you have captured.  Make sure you send additional tips and educational content.  You can even send “coupons” for those who have downloaded the eBook. Be creative but not too promotional.  The goal of remarketing is so the prospective client remembers your brand.

Step 5: Remarketing Continues
Don’t end the touches after a few months.  Keep them going as your list organically grows.  Remarketing takes time, but when a lead converts to a customer it is well worth it in the end.

In Conclusion
As you have read in this article, content marketing and remarketing is not difficult for photographers.  In addition, it is no expensive as Mailchimp has a fantastic freemium program.  One thing to keep in mind while setting up the process is SEO for photographers, because without having your site at the top of search engines, it will be more difficult to find.  There is a free (and educational) SEO for photographers eClass available, for those interested in learning more about reaching for the first position.

Thanks for reading,


Scott Wyden Kivowitz is a New Jersey Photographer sharing his passion for photography any way he can. Scott regularly hosts photowalks in New Jersey and loves educating other photographers on all aspects of the art. Scott is also the Community & Blog Wrangler at Photocrati  and the Photographers SEO Community, teaching other photographers on how to increase business with their website.

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