The Benefits of Membership

American Express is Fascinating

Think about it:

they have limited places where you can use their card

they charge merchangs a BIG premium for using American Express

merchant sales people (the people who sell the little boxes that you swipe your card through) generally can’t stand them


American Express is viewed as a significantly more succesfull company because their cardholders have higher incomes and they have a higher retention rate.  Even Warren Buffett invested in them. 

Why is this?

The benefits of Membership – they are focused

American Express- providing extreme value to their cardholders

Costco – providing high quality goods and services at a significant discount

Dollar Shave Club – proving low-cost, high quality razors to their members monthly

All of these insitutions are focused exclusively on their members. 

Ciderr is exclusively focused on its members – wedding vendors!  We help wedding vendors create registry’s with their products and services.  This helps wedding vendors increase options they provide to their clients, and increase their profit.

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