The Ciderr Story (Part 1 – the bride side)…

Ciderr started completely out of a need for one thing in my business… a way to work with the clients that I really wanted to without sacrificing the amount of money I needed to make. I kept hearing over and over again “Rich, we love you, we absolutely love your work, we’d love to work with you but we’ve looked at our budget and…”. You know the rest. If you’re a wedding vendor (high end or low end), you’ve gotten these emails way too often.

So that was the need. Then an idea occurred to me.

Once I talked with Jimmy, the business side of Ciderr, we did some research and what we found really excited us:

  • 19 billion dollars are spent on wedding registries every year.  That’s a HUGE amount of money that is completely untouched by almost all wedding vendors that we’re aware of.
  • The average wedding, 200 people give to a brides registry. The average gift? $70-$100. Do the math for an average wedding.
  • Only 17% of weddings are paid exclusively by the brides parents. A higher percentage of weddings (30%) are paid by the bride and groom. The rest are paid by multiple sources like both sets of parents plus the bride and groom.
  • Why are the high number of weddings paid by the bride and groom? Mainly because most brides and grooms are older and already established in life and with a career. The average age of a bride now? 29 years old. The average age of a groom? 31. And 74% of couples are living together prior to marriage.
  • The average wedding budget is $20,000
  • Use of social media to communicate about the wedding is increasing dramatically. Up 78% since 2008.  (this stat is from 2010. Look around, you better believe that percentage has gone up)

So what does these stats mean? A LOT of brides and grooms are paying for their wedding themselves on a severe budget. They’re no longer 19 year olds, just moving out of their parents home and need everything from a vacuum cleaner to toaster ovens.  They already have that stuff.  What they want is to have a beautiful wedding and hire their dream vendors in the process.  But there’s nothing they can do. 

And that’s where Ciderr comes into this picture in a big way. It gives the power of funding your products and services through their friends and family!

And the statistic above that says on average that 200 people give to a wedding? We’re going to make it so easy for their internet friends from around the world to contribute for your services and products, we’re thinking that number will grow dramatically! Let’s get that number to 1000, shall we?

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